Europe. More individualistic and simultaneously more connected. This is our opportunity to jump in and bring intentional community and discover a common way to connect. Social media is key for communicating ideas and building a movement. The goal is to go from building a movement to creating a network. we As we have real human needs we need real human relationships. We need to be linked. LINKING is operating both through social media and real relationships, encouraging intentional connections for the emerging generation and invests straight in the next. Teenagers are today’s generation not just tomorrow’s adults.

Linking is a connecting network providing training and support for KKI teens in Europe. We disciple teenagers to fulfilling their potential in the great commission. Linking equips and empowers teenagers, releasing them in their God-given potential and as  creating a chain of discipleship. This supports and trains European teenagers who are involved in their local KK ministry (age 13 to 19). Even though they are becoming adults, they are still teenagers today.

One of the core reasons why LINKING exists is because for a teen, questions about one’s calling, gifting or purpose can be difficult to answer. During the teenage years God is speaking key words to each one, and we want to help every teenager step in fully through support and training to becoming more of who God created them to be.


LINKING Europe has two teams. First is the A-Team, also known as Ambassadors-team. The A-Team is composed of KKI teenagers and young adults involved in their local KK ministry. They are “Linking” ambassadors in their own country or region. The second is the V-Team, which stands for the Vision-team. It is supporting the A-Team and is composed of KKI YWAMers under the European Leadership Team. The V-Team is guardian for the LINKING vision.

This is why LINKING has been created. It embraces an easy yet impacting way to connect with youth. There is no longer space for wandering, instability, or lack of vision. We can connect together, grow together, and become one together. We are LINKING. ″We are″, not ″I am”. We are!