Walking on the 4k map

24 December 2014

I was excited to walk on the 4k map in our YWAM gathering in Singapore last September. It was a big map, about 20m long and 15m wide certainly one of the biggest I’ve ever seen… I need to say I always loved maps. When I was a child and a teenager, I even used to create my own geography books, copying maps, studying borders, rivers, specific characteristics… I was especially attracted by remote islands or little countries lost in the mountains….

In Singapore, I enjoyed so much this 4k approach, to help us see where we are and where we are not; this gives us so much more insight than traditional maps with the nations of the world. I found this was a strategic tool in using research and intelligence to better define the remaining task in front of us.
Still, I was walking on this map, praying. We were asked to pray about adopting one or several of those omega zones with our base or ministry, and start to champion them and launch apostolic initiatives in them – the ultimate goal being to see YWAM active in every omega zone by year 2020. Well, this made me dream… I was thinking about King’s Kids. Where are we now? What is our dream about growth, multiplication and filling the earth? We want so much to bring joy to our Father’s heart, but somewhere, we’ve lost this passion for pioneering and opening new nations, which is dear to his heart as he so loved the world, the whole world, that He gave His only Son. We were active in about 120 nations back in the 1990s. Now it’s only 70… We sense life is coming back, but still, we’ve lost ground.

Walking on this map, thoughts were rushing in my mind. I couldn’t adopt one omega zone… We would need to pray together for this. Actually, each KKI location or ministry should adopt one or several. I will need to report that to our people around the world.

But there was more… The dream was hitting me! I started to cry on this map. I was not interested to adopt one omega zone, not even ten of them. I wanted all of them. I wanted to see KKI in every omega zone, or let me say it differently: I want to see all of our four KKI expressions (outreach and mobilization, discipleship and training, reaching out to unchurched kids and caring or serving the poorest and lowest in society) in every omega zone of the world. By 2020? Well, my faith is not here yet, but if I see our ministry getting excited by such a vision, if I see our ministry grabbing hold corporately of this God-size dream… nothing is impossible.

But first, we need to research. I want to prepare for our next global gathering in March 2015 in Ivory Coast so this dream can be passed on to the whole KKI family. I have written to Jill from 4k in Hawaii and she will prepare for us interactive maps to monitor KKI’s presence and activity around the world, with the following categories:

  • KKI location (YWAM)
  • KKI associated location (local church, network)
  • Oz where KKI outreach teams have been serving
  • Oz where KKI has a discipleship ministry for children and young people
  • Oz where KKI has a "reach" (evangelism) ministry
  • Oz where KKI has a "care" (compassion, service, social) ministry
  • Oz where there is other YWAM ministries to children and teens
  • Oz where the is a YWAM Family ministry
  • Oz where KKI is working with families
  • Oz where we have a PCYM School

This will help us to assess where we are at and what we need to focus on in the future.

Of course, in order to see this happen, we will need to partner with others and work with the whole body of YWAM (including ministries such as Family Ministry, Children at Risk and many others). Because this dream for 2020 has been given to our whole YWAM family, not just to us. We need to work together towards it for the emerging generation.

Almost half of the World’s population is under 18, and this emerging generation has a real potential to change the world. Actually, the world’s future is at stake, and we need to focus on them, as studies show that eighty percent of the people coming to Christ do it between four and fourteen years old. The harvest is ready, but the laborers are few. It is time to join our strength, not to focus on our differences!